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What is Skinobi?

Skinobi is a small and connected device to measure and track your skin condition. The app visualizes the progress towards your perfect skin condition, provides you with feedback and motivates you to improve your skin health on a daily basis. Browse different skin care products that match your skin type, get advice on treatments and profit from the insights of the community in order to find the perfect solution for you.

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Know your skin on a deeper level

Common skin care devices only measure the surface of your skin. Skinobi allows you to retrieve valuable information about your skin up to 600 micrometers beneath its surface giving you true skinsight!

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Monitor and track your skin condition

See the impact of your lifestyle and the skin care products you apply. Improve your skin condition and share your skinsights with the ONe community.

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Get recommendations

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on new products that do not work for you? Find products that suit your skin type quick and easy based on scientific analysis of your measurement data.

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Innovative technology

The innovative technology makes Skinobi the only device to make scientific statements about skin hydration and skin aging on the epidermal level.

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Preorder Skinobi now

Be among the first and secure your Skinobi now for a deposit of only CHF 20.- and get  a 20% discount off the retail price plus one year free access to Skinobi Premium on the app!

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This package includes: A Skinobi handheld device (batteries not included), the free Skinobi app plus one year free access to premium functions. Refunds are only granted before Skinobi is being shipped to your location. Estimated shipping of first batch in Q4 /2018.

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The Team

Photo of Patrick von Schulthess
Patrick von Schulthess
Business development
Medical systems eng. BSc
Photo of Simon Fahrni
Simon Fahrni
Product development
Medical systems eng. BSc
Photo of Sophie Schwerdtfeger
Pietro Domanico
Hardware development
Industrial technologies MSc
Photo of Thomas Müller
Thomas Müller
Software development
ICT eng. MSc


Photo of Mathias Bonmarin
Mathias Bonmarin
Scientific Advisor
PhD Dipl. eng,
MSc Economics
Photo of Felix J. Bertam
Felix J. Bertram
Clinical Advisor
Dr. med.
(FMH Dermatology)
Opus Néoi GmbH
Riedtlistrasse 27
CH-8006 Zürich
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